Pauline Wright

Enthusiastic potter in early stages of development!

I am a semi retired teacher and joined ClayWirks in April. I first threw a pot over 40 years ago but have just dabbled with clay throughout  my teaching career (lots of thumb and slab pots) and a little bit of sculpture.

After doing an evening class and getting frustrated about the limited time I could spend on the wheel I am now enjoying being able to potter several times a week.

I would like to be able to throw good pots consistently (at the moment there is a large element of surprise in the finished results) so I can throw the same shape twice!

Glazing -ah there’s another area to develop. My results have been mixed. It is interesting and slightly frustrating to discover that  the same glaze may end up two different colours on the inside and outside of the pot. Lots more experiments to do.

After a recent cycling trip I am inspired by the colours of the Hebridean landscapes and would like to incorporate them into my future pieces.

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