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I learnt to pot at night school but when I finished there was nowhere to practice until I heard of a meeting in Wirksworth to discuss setting up a shared pottery studio. I became one of the founding members of Claywirks in 2015, when we discovered the studio space that we still rent today.

I started off hand building pottery but then after some time was attracted to the magic of the wheel. I had a few lessons with my Dad who has potted and with a few other people and gradually I have been improving, through repeated practice.

I try to create simple, satisfying shapes with scored lines and decorated in just a few of my favourite colours. I want my pots to be functional but also pleasing to the eye and the hand.

I use brush on glazes as I’m not brave enough to mix my own glazes yet. I have been experimenting with marbling or mixing clay. I also throw with green, blue and white earthenware clay as well as terracotta. At the moment I am focusing on small bottles, jugs, mugs, jars and bowls


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